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Stylized Text: EnergyWhiz Olympics.

The EnergyWhiz is all about clean energy and creative kids. Each year, on the second Saturday in May, hundreds of students converge at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa, Florida to participate in renewable energy themed events.

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EnergyWhiz Expos are regional events of various size and scope held prior to the EnergyWhiz. 

Upcoming Expos:
North Florida EnergyWhiz EXPO
West Central Florida EnergyWhiz EXPO

2015 Expo Winners:
Central Florida EnergyWhiz EXPO

Picture of a critter comfort cottageCritter Comfort Cottage
The Critter Comfort Cottage (C3) competition is a real-world, engineering and communications challenge for 4th through 12 graders, which showcases energy efficient building design and construction.
Participants at the Junior Solar Sprint at the starting line with their model cars.Junior Solar Sprint
Middle school students, in grades 4 - 8 are invited to design, build and race Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) cars. The small model cars—powered entirely by solar energy and steered by wires—are built as team efforts under the guidance of a teacher or mentor.
Hydrogen Sprint car racing down the track.Energy Transfer Machine
A competition that was developed to provide opportunities for students to explore hydrogen power through a hands-on engineering component. The students in grade 4-12 show understanding of hydrogen through a creative "timing" apparatus built with several 'Rube Goldberg' type steps.
Photo of student built solar electric water wheel.Energy Innovations
Energy Innovations is a real world design competition using full-scale solar electric (Photovoltaic) panels. Middle and high school students explore engineering and the growing technology of photovoltaics through this design and marketing challenge.
Photo of a student desinged and built solar oven.Solar Energy Cook-off
The Solar Energy Cook-off is a solar cooker competition for students in grades 4 - 12. The teams demonstrate the performance of their solar heating devices, that they have designed and built by cooking an original dish of food created for the competition. Each solar cooker and recipe is judged by a panel of experts.
Photo of two Electrathon vehicles on a trackEVTC Electrathon
The EVTC Electrathon demonstrates real-world alectric vehicle technology through through custom, participant-designed and built, electric vehicles.  Powered by an electric motor and batteries, these go-cart-type vehicles must be skillfully designed and driven to maximize distance traveled within a given time limit.

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Stylized text EnergyWhiz Olympics

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