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Inspiring the next generation.

Changing the way the world uses and produces energy isn't going to happen in one generation. FSEC works with educators to engage and interest students of all levels to help create a brighter energy future.

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Continuing Education
Education doesn't stop with a college diploma. These courses include buildings science, solar thermal and solar electric.
Course Schedule notebook iconCourse Schedule
Take a look at the Continuing Education courses currently
being offered.
For many years, our K-12 program has generated some of the most student-friendly activities and curricula units available for renewable energy.
Utility Report Cards LogoUtility Report Card
A web-based energy information system that reports and graphs monthly utility data for schools.
With a staff composed mostly of UCF faculty, our influence on university programs extends beyond technical subjects to making students more energy-aware.
Course Schedule notebook iconEnergyWhiz
Connecting schools, teachers, and students with solar energy, using data, activities and curricula.
Community Partnerships
Partnerships build a stronger program. FSEC has many community partners.
Solar Training Network
This program will provide solar installer train-the-trainer programs for a network of training institutions in the southern U.S.

SunSmart E-Shelters
A program that installs and promotes the use of photovoltaics on schools and shelters for power and educational purposes.