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Buying a new home? An ENERGY STAR Home will reduce heating, water heating and cooling energy use by 30% compared to typical new homes.

Picture of a Pie Chart.Priorities for Saving Energy at Home
Want to save on your utility bills and help reduce pollution and energy generation? Start at home. Priorities for saving energy at home and our homeowner's guide for energy efficiency will direct you through the decision-making process.
Photo of man monitoring blower door test. What is a Home Energy Rating?
Want some professional energy-efficiency advice? Examine our list of energy raters. The rater can take measurements, inspect and test your home and provide you with a list of improvements and a list of local lenders who specialize in financing programs.
Picture of Habitat Blitz. Builder Programs
FSEC works closely with several organizations including the Florida Department of Community Affairs, ENERGY STAR, and Building America. This list of builder programs is organized from least to most efficient.
Picture for Indoor Air Quality.Indoor Air Quality
Experiencing mold and mildew or allergy symptoms at home? Our guide to healthy air quality at home may help you find some answers.
Picture of Better Windows.Better Windows
In approaching the problem of selecting the right window and shade options for your residence, we have several information sources for you to choose from throughout this section of Better Windows.
Picture of a girl raising her hand to ask a question.FAQ's
Over the years, a few questions have become standard among many. Take a look and see if your question has already been answered.
Picture of a stack of books.Case Studies of High Performance Homes
The new and existing high performance homes listed on the following page use off-the-shelf materials and products to improve the energy efficiency, durability, indoor air quality, and comfort of their homes.

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