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Picture of a bio-diesel van.There seems to be no end to rising gas prices.  Whether it’s civil unrest in parts of Africa or the ever looming terrorist threat, we’re not going to get a reprieve anytime soon.  So if you’re like us, you’re looking for anything to save at the pump. 

Our transportation section covers the everyday things you can do to conserve gas, new hybrid vehicles technologies, and how grass roots organizations like the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program is making a difference in the business world.

Picture of an armfull of books.Transportation Basics
With so much attention being focused on new, cleaner, and more efficient cars, we're bombarded with lots of new technologies that we've never heard of. Look through our transportation primer for an explanation of the leading technologies you'll be seeing soon.
Picture of a briefcase with money in it.AFV Incentives
In an effort to get more people to purchase alternative fuel vehicles, the federal government offers tax incentives. Read more about these incentives and other in this section.
Picture of a man driving a minivan.Conservation
Besides buying a new car, there's a lot you can do with your current car. These conservation techniques can help you get some relief at the pump.
Space Coast Clean Cities LogoClean Cities
FSEC is a founding sponsor of the Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition. Click here to see how this not-for-profit coalition is helping reduce energy costs for fleets.