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The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) is now accepting solar thermal collector and system certifications from the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation™ (SRCC), a member of the International Code Council (ICC) Family of Companies. SRCC certifications meet the minimum standards of the Florida Solar Energy Center. FSEC continues to list solar thermal collectors and systems that have been certified by FSEC and now also deems SRCC certifications as equivalent to FSEC certifications. The adoption of SRCC certifications as equivalent to FSEC certifications reduces the complexity of the certification process for the solar thermal industry.

Verification of the authenticity of solar thermal collector or system certification can be determined using the following Internet links:

While FSEC will maintain its existing certifications, it is encouraging solar thermal venders to apply for new certifications through SRCC as national certifications. Annual listing fees for the maintenance of FSEC certifications for solar thermal collectors and systems are $150 per vender plus $30 per collector or system.

FSEC is no longer conducting standardized testing of solar thermal collectors and systems. A listing of accredited test laboratories that can conduct these standardized tests can be found online here.

FSEC will continue to provide solar thermal research and development on a contracts and grants basis. If you are interested in conducting research on solar hot water collectors or systems, please contact us by e-mail to:

FSEC is also proposing to modernize the Florida Administrative Code (FAC) Rule under which Florida’s solar equipment program operates. A copy of the proposed Rule change can be found here. The Draft FSEC Standard 101-15, “Operation of the Solar Thermal Collector and System Certification Program”, which is incorporated by reference in FSEC’s proposed Rule change, can be found here.