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Portrait of  Nazim Muradov. Nazim Muradov
Principal Research Scientist
Advanced Energy Research

(321) 638-1448
(321) 504-3438


Doctor of Science, Physical Chemistry
Institute of Chemical Physics, Moscow, Russia, 1990

Research Focus:

Dr. Muradov has been involved in hydrogen energy research for the past 25 years. The main areas of his research activities include: thermocatalytic and photocatalytic hydrogen production, fuel reformers and hydrogen generators for fuel cells, catalytic solar energy conversion, integrated renewable energy-based utility systems, carbon nanostructures, fossil fuel decarbonization and hydrocarbon processing.

Dr. Muradov spearheaded research efforts on the development and patenting of a novel process for CO 2 -free production of hydrogen by catalytic pyrolysis of natural gas. He developed a novel method for production of nanostructured carbon materials (including conical carbon structures not previously described in the literature) as byproducts of hydrogen production from methane and other hydrocarbons. Dr. Muradov devised and patented a portable emission-free hydrogen generator/reformer for fuel cell applications. Under NASA contract he is leading the program of research and development on the local production of hydrogen from renewable resources such as landfill gas and citrus waste with minimal environmental impact. Since 1992, Dr. Muradov has been a PI and co-PI of more than $4 million in externally funded research (U.S. DOE, NASA, U.S. DOD/Navy, U.S. DOD/ONR, EPA and several industrial funding sources).

Dr. Muradov is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy and International Editorial Council of the Processes of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining (ANAS). He is a member of the national grant review panel for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Dr. Muradov chaired and co-chaired technical sessions at World Hydrogen Energy Conferences and American Chemical Society meetings. He is a reviewer for a number of international journals including International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Solar Energy Engineering, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Energy and Fuel, Environmental Science and Technology, Fuel: Asia/Pacific. He is listed in "Who's Who in America" and "Who's Who in Science and Technology"

Dr. Muradov is a recipient of University of Central Florida Research Incentive Award (2003) and UCF (Institutes and Centers) Distinguished Researcher of the Year Award (1996). He is the author and co-author of more than 160 publications and 26 patents. Presented papers at more than 60 national and international meetings, including invited presentations and lectures in U.S., Japan and Turkey.