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Picture of the Mount Victory Site.

Mt. Victory Camp
PO Box 696
Creque Dam Road
St. Croix
Contact: Mr. Bruce Wilson

The solar system installed at this site will provide hot water for the campground showers. Two (2) basic active direct photovoltaic module controlled solar water heating system will be installed at this site. Each system will consist of a 40 square foot solar collector and an 80 gallon solar storage tank. The systems will be mounted adjacent to the shower facility. A tempering valve for each system will control the water temperature to the showers. The tempering valve will serve primarily as a BTU conserver. There will be no back-up water heating source with this solar system.

This site will also incorporate a photovoltaic (PV) system.


System type: Direct Active Photovoltaic Controlled
Number of system: 2 each
Minimum collector FSEC Intermediate Rating: 27,300 Btu per day per collector
Solar tank 80 gallon solar tank per system
Auxiliary water heater: Not applicable. Solar only.
Required tilt angle ±18 Degrees. Mounted on shower facilty structure.


Location: St. Croix
Solar access at roof mounting location Unobstructed - Uninterrupted solar access
Solar orientation at roof mounting location South
Roof material Coordinate rack mount with site owner.
Roof trusses Not applicable.
Roof pitch Not applicable.
Roof condition Not applicable.
Access to attic Not applicable.
Distance from collector location to water heater Horizontal - 2-3 feet
Vertical - 4 feet
Location of water water heater Adjacent to shower facility. One adjacent to building on one side of men's shower room, the other adjacent to the building on one side of the women's shower room.
Existing water heater

Not applicable.

Water heater drain valve Not applicable.
Hot water outlet line from tank Not applicable.
Cold service line to tank Not applicable.
Cold service line to tank isolation valve Not applicable.
Water system Well and holding tank at top of hill.


Storage tank protection Solar tanks will be installed adjacent to shower facilty. One on one side of the men's shower room, the other on the side of the women's shower room. A weather proof structure for the solar tanks will have to be constructed over each tank.
Roof mount structure A structure will have to be constructed to mount the solar collectors above the shower stalls. The structure will have to be constructed in a manner meeting the solar water heating system program specification requirements. The structure must also be designed so that the collectors, once attached, will not be obstructed by the bathroom facility roof.
Monitoring equipment Two BTU meters will be installed at this site. (One each per each seperate solar system system.)

Note: Please also see the general program specification requirements.