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Forrest Thomas
PO Box 5369
Sunny Isles
St. Croix
Contact: Forrest Thomas

A 50 gallon ICS unit will be installed on the front, south facing roof of the house. The ICS system will preheat an existing 65 gallon conventional electric water heater located in the master bedroom closet.


System type: 50 gallon Integral Collector Storage
Number of system: 1 each
Minimum ICS Unit FSEC Rated Net Energy Delivered: 28,700 Btu
Auxiliary water heater: Connect to existing 65 gallon electric water heater
Required tilt angle Flush with roof (15-20 degrees)


Location: St. Croix
Solar access at roof mounting location Unobstructed - Uninterrupted solar access
Solar orientation at roof mounting location South
Roof material Hyperlon
Roof trusses Standard trusses
Roof pitch 15-20 degrees
Roof condition Suitable for installation
Access to attic Yes - though access door in bathroom ceiling
Distance from collector location to water heater Horizontal - 4 feet
Vertical - 10 feet
Location of water water heater Closet in master bedroom
Existing water heater Craftmaster
65 gallons
1 ea. 3500 Watt Element
Good condition
Water heater drain valve Drain valve is accessible
Hot water outlet line from tank 1/2" copper piping
Cold service line to tank 3/4" copper piping
Cold service line to tank isolation valve Valve is installed
Valve appears to be new
Water system Cistern


Water heater location Water heater is located inside closet area. A wood shelf above the water heater will have to be negotiated. Piping runs will have to be drilled through the shelf.
Existing water heater: Wiring is exposed at 220V wiring connector (wire nuts) at tank. Installer must correct by rewiring to cover exposed wire.
Existing water heater: Existing water heater has a pressure relief only valve installed. Installer must replace with a Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve and route drainage to suitable location.
Monitoring equipment A solar system BTU meter and water heater watt hour meter will be installed at this site.

Note: Please also see the general program specification requirements.