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Picture of the Patsy Breunlin site.

Patsy Breunlin
Suite 201 Red Hook Plaza
St. Thomas
Contact: Patsy Breunlin

A basic active direct photovoltaic module controlled solar water heating system will be installed at this residence. The system will consist of a 40 square foot solar collector and an 80 gallon solar storage tank. The collector will be roof mounted on the utility room roof. The water heater will be installed in an area in the utility room directly below the collector area.

Of special note is that the homeowner will construct a protective enclosure around the solar collector that can be used during hurricanes.


System type: Direct Active Photovoltaic Controlled
Number of systems: 1 each
Collector: 1 each flat-plate 4 x 10 collector
Minimum FSEC Collector Intermediate Rating: 27,300 Btu per day
Auxiliary water heater: Install 80 gallon solar storage tank
Required tilt angle ±18 Degrees. Mounted on utility room roof.


Location: St. Thomas
Solar access at roof mounting location Some trees adjacent to collector mounting location will have to be trimmed.
Solar orientation at roof mounting location South
Roof material Vulkem roof process over 3/4" plywood. Current roof coating shown in photographs will be removed.
Roof trusses Custom trusses. See photographs.
Roof pitch 13 degrees
Roof condition Suitable for installation once new Vulkem roof process is applied.
Access to attic Not applicable. Collector will be installed on roof almost directly overhead of solar storage tank location.
Distance from collector location to water heater Horizontal - 8 feet
Vertical - 8 feet
Location of water water heater Utility room/garage below collector mounting location.
Existing water heater

No existing water heater at proposed solar tank location.

Water heater drain valve No applicable.
Hot water outlet line from tank 3/4" copper piping
Cold service line to tank 3/4" copper piping
Cold service line to tank isolation valve None
Water system Cistern


Water heater Install new 80 gallon solar storage tank. Provide local code acceptable conduit for electrical wiring to water heater.
Collector protection structure Resident will construct a protective structure for the collector. This structure will consist of a base housing with an accordion type shutter cover than can be closed during hurricane conditions. Resident anticipates installing flashing, mounting apparatus themselves.
Electrical for solar storage tank Resident has electrical service in utility room/garage and will provide 220V for the solar storage tank.
Monitoring equipment A BTU meter and water heater watt hour meter will be installed at this site.

Note: Please also see the general program specification requirements.