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Seventh Day Adventists

Picture of the Seventh Day Adventists site.

Seventh-Day Adventist School
PO Box 940
St. Croix
Contact: Paul Johnson

The hot water system at this school will be for kitchen usage. An 80 gallon thermosiphon system will be installed on the roof of the building adjacent to the kitchen and plumbed to a conventional electric water heater. The existing electric water heater will be replaced with a new 40 gallon electric water heater.


System type: 80 Gallon Thermosiphon System
Number of systems: 1 each
Collector: 1 each flat-plate 4 x 10 (or 4 x 8) collector
Minimum FSEC Collector Intermediate Rating: 27,300 Btu per day
Auxiliary water heater: Replace existing water heater with new 40 gallon electric water heater. The thermosiphon system will not require an internal element.
Required tilt angle ±18 Degrees. Mounted on flat roof.


Location: St. Croix
Solar access at roof mounting location Unobstructed - Uninterrupted solar access
Solar orientation at roof mounting location South
Roof material Metal corrugated roof
Roof trusses 4' on center trusses
Roof pitch Flat
Roof condition Suitable for installation
Access to attic Not applicable. System will be installed on roof of building adjacent to kitchen building and plumbed outdoors on roof surface/building side/through concrete wall into kitchen building where water heater is located.
Distance from collector location to water heater Horizontal - 25 feet
Vertical - 10 feet
Location of water water heater Large room adjacent to kitchen.
Existing water heater

Existing water heater will be replaced.

Water heater drain valve Drain valve is accessible
Hot water outlet line from tank 1/2" copper piping
Cold service line to tank 1/2" copper piping
Cold service line to tank isolation valve Valve is installed but needs to be replaced due to age in condition.
Water system Cistern


Water heater Replace existing water heater. Provide local code acceptable conduit for electrical wiring to water heater.
Collector loop piping Some piping from a previous solar system that was installed at this site remains. The installer could use certain portions to complete the installation. See photographs.
Monitoring equipment A solar system BTU meter and water heater watthour meter will be installed at this site.

Note: Please also see the general program specification requirements.