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Stylized Text: Installed PV Lighting.

As part of the US Virgin Island Energy Office photovoltaic installation program, the following systems were installed on the islands of St Croix and St. Thomas in 2002. Other specifics on the systems can be acquired from the Site Listings web site.

St. Croix

1. VI Government Property & Procurement Administration Offices and Vehicle Parking Facility

The photovoltaic systems were installed at this site to provide security lighting for both parked vehicles and building entrance. Since the site contains government vehicles and ancillary materials, security is a major concern during the evening hours. The photovoltaic lighting systems provide excellent illumination that covers this extensive lot during the hours of darkness. Two pole mounted photovoltaic lighting systems (Figure 1a) were installed in the 50 be 80 foot parking lot area, while one sign lighting system (Figure 1b) was installed and provides illumination at the building identification sign.

Picture from the Government Property & Procurement Administration Offices.
Figure 1a

Picture from the Government Property & Procurement Administration Offices.
Figure 1b

2. VITEMA Emergency Management Center

This center serves as the emergency headquarters for the island of St. Croix. During hurricane forecasts, emergency and preparedness staff converge on this facility in order to provide counsel and services for the population during and after hurricane activity and the turmoil that results. The photovoltaic lighting will provide power in the event that electricity is down before and during these emergency periods. Lights were required for staff building entry area, a large automobile parking lot area in the rear of the building, and in surrounding access areas to the facility. Five pole mounted lighting systems (Figure 2) were installed.

Picture of VITEMA Emergency Management Center.
Figure 2

3. Red Cross Emergency Shelter

Although the VITEMA facility is the headquarters of the emergency management center on the island, the island government also maintains numerous facilities that are available to residents during emergency periods. The Red Cross Emergency shelter is one of these. In light of this, the shelter must also have access to lighting in the event of standard electric power failure. The lighting systems at this site are installed at strategic entrances to the shelter as well as the parking area. Five pole mounted photovoltaic lighting systems (Figure 3) were installed.

Picture of the Red Cross Emergency Shelter.
Figure 3


St. Thomas

1. Seaview Nursing Facility

Photovoltaic lighting was installed at the Seaview facility in order to provide better access lighting to the residents as well as their visiting families. Three pole mounted lights (Figure A) were installed.

Picture of the Seaview Nursing Facility.
Figure 4