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Stylized Text: SERES: Task 5.

Training, Technical Assistance, and Quality Measures

Picture of an FSEC training course.This task includes a continuation and development of new activities to support the industry, DOE regional offices, the states, and other agencies in implementing PV projects and programs. The SERES provides technical assistance to the industry, end-users and other stakeholders in the areas of training and workforce development, developing and implementing quality PV programs, and conducting audits, engineering support and analysis as required. Special emphasis is placed on refining recommendations and procedures for PV system quality measures developed as part of the Florida PV buildings program, and facilitating and encouraging wide spread adoption of these practices, including development of practitioner training and overall product assurance programs.

The major part of this task will be a continuation of the strong emphasis the SERES has placed on training and technology transfer over the past 20 years, including the offering of at least a dozen workshop and seminars during FY03. The SERES continues to offer its ISP-accredited PV installer training programs, as well as short courses for electrical inspectors, code officials, contractors and utility personnel. Four PV installer programs and four code official programs will be conducted in FY03 under the SERES. In addition, four additional workshops on quality measures, instructional design and the accreditation process will be offered to interested parties as requested.

Technical Objectives:

  • Improve the safety and quality of PV installations by offering training and promoting the development of accredited training programs and institutions.
  • Provide overall workforce development support, including the development of certified trainers and accredited training institutions.
  • Update training resources and materials.
  • Conduct self-review and external audits, and maintain requirements for ISP accreditation of PV installer training program.
  • Maintain student attendance records, reporting and other requirements associated with FSEC’s approval as an approved continuing education provider recognized by the Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation – Electrical Contractor’s Licensing Board.
  • Provide support of to the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) in the development of a national PV installer certification program.

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