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Stylized Text: Data Monitoring - For Photovoltaics.

This is the gateway to experimental data monitoring projects for photovoltaic (PV) at the Florida Solar Energy Center. This site was designed to facilitate and standardize the processes for archiving, analyzing and accessing data collected from dozens of operational PV systems and test facilities monitored by FSEC's Photovoltaics and Distributed Generation Division.

Picture of a technician installing a data monitoring system in a building maintenance corridor.About the Database
This section provides a quick look into what components make up the system and the various monitoring capabilities it can provide.

Picture of a school with a PV system.Solar for Schools
This section links to a list of schools that are being monitored as a part of the Solar for Schools program. With details such as system configuration and data collected from the school. This section is the ultimate data resource for this program.

Picture of a PV system with monitoring and control systems in the box next to the array.PV Systems Database
There are many systems being monitored by FSEC. This page lists all of the photovoltaic systems currently being monitored.