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Vehicle Classes

Alternative Fuel types:  

Electric, natural gas, propane, ethanol, methanol, bio-diesel, bio-mass, hydrogen and solar.

Auto Classes/Description: 

Each vehicle will be entered in one of eight classes with a limit of 20 cars per class.

  1. Production Commuter vehicle:  an automotive industry mass produced personal vehicle that meets the EPACT and CAAA requirements and is for sale in the open market.  
  2. American Commuter Electric Vehicle; an electric or hybrid electric drive vehicle that travels at normal highway speeds with a range over 60 miles and is registered with the state as a car.
  3. Tour de Sol Commuter Vehicle:  A one or four-person optimum electric vehicle able to race up to 35+ mph with a range of over 60 miles powered by photovoltaic and another electric resource.
  4. Cross-continental Vehicle: Vehicles designed to travel long distance with electric drives using only photovoltaics for energy.
  5. Formula Lighting Vehicles: Open wheel Indy-style electric drive race car.
  6. Electrathon vehicles: non-highway go-cart size electric vehicles.
  7. Alternative Fuel vehicle: vehicles that use DOE approved alternative fuels.
  8. Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Vehicles that have a hybrid electric drive train that can be plugged in for off board charging.
  9. Open Class Vehicles: Vehicles that use an alternative fuel as a major source other than gasoline or diesel that does not meet the other class definitions.

Other classes will be created when 5 or more vehicles have the same major characteristics and a request is made.

Participating vehicle registration fee of $20 per vehicle includes entry into the entire event.

For additional information, contact: Bill Young, Florida Solar Energy Center, at (321) 638-1443.