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Collector Testing

One of the key factors in the creation of FSEC was the need for solar collector testing capability. Testing and certification capabilities are required by Florida State Statutes. Thereby, it is very important to the solar industry in Florida and throughout the country that an independent test laboratory exist and be capable of conducting consistent tests of a high accuracy and quality, meeting all requirements of the appropriate standards. It is a policy of FSEC to maintain this capability.

FSEC has had extensive experience in testing solar collectors for certification and rating, monitoring solar water heating systems for research, as well as research, development and testing of other types of solar equipment and systems. Visit our solar thermal collector testing page for more information.

The FSEC collector testing laboratory is currently accredited by the following entities:


Program Development

One of the Florida Solar Energy Center's major capabilities is its ability to develop solar water heating installation programs. Numerous programs have been developed by FSEC for the State of Florida. FSEC has also provided program development consulting to state and national organizations.
FSEC's past experience in solar water heating as well as the experience of staff members provide any contracting agency with the assurance that few other organizations can provide the wealth of experience, talent, and level of dedication to implementing a successful program.

Visit our program development page for an overview of the various activities that FSEC can develop for organizations interested in implementing solar water heating programs.